Flashes of Hope                                                                                                                       

We are honored to be there to capture those smiles and forever preserve images of courage, beauty and dignity. 

By focusing on the child, we put cancer in the background. Volunteer stylists make every child feel special before they step in front of the camera with family, friends and often, a favorite nurse. A routine day quickly turns into a celebration of the love that surrounds them.

Every year, we provide free portrait packages to 7,000 children in 55 cities across the country. Each family is presented with framed enlargements, proofs and a CD of all the images. The portraits help the children see themselves in a new light. The images are not of sick kids, but of strong and beautiful children filled with hope.         ~FOH 

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The reason we started the chapter is easy to answer, it’s for the kids! The reason we keep this chapter alive and functioning to it’s maximum is because of the kids!

 No matter how tired, stressed or busy the 3 of us are as photographers and entrepreneurs, parents and small business owners; We roll up to the hospital parking lot, walk in and all of that washes away while we bear witness to the struggles of the innocent children who many times live their life in the hospital, away from their home cities and friends!

 The children become our heroes, as we watch them sacrifice how they may feel that day, and provide gifts of pictures for their family. The kids seem to transcend into another dimension of selflessness as they smile, pose and energize the shoot, while at the same time they ignore their own limitations of perceived health and beauty.

While we may not currently have a personal connection to cancer, our motivation stems from a deep compassion for any child that suffers undue pain and misery. And, the Flashes Of Hope organization is a wonderful choice for us, providing not only the avenue of the aesthetic photograph, but also tangible relief of money for research for those we have come to consider as our Cincinnati Kids!

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