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Vickie & Mark

Mark Bealer and Vickie Daniels are co-owners of Studio 66 LLC, a Cincinnati-based Portrait and Commercial photography business. Their photo studio and meeting space is located jst North of Cincinnati, Ohio. Vickie’s background is in Headshots & Portrait photography, while Mark is primarily Architectural & Corporate photography. Each takes a lead role in their respective genre, while assisting and second shooting along with the other. It’s a unique fusion of the photography arts and styles as the market demands that photographers take on diverse photography assignments.

In 2011 they started the Cincinnati Chapter of the Cleveland based non-profit named Flashes of Hope. It’s an organization, which puts professional portraits in the hands of families of children who suffer from Cancer. 

They enjoy a variety of outdoor activities from canoeing and hiking in the NC Mountains to walking on the beach in the Mountains to Sea state! At times finding inspiration in the solitude of the photographic process and personal work, which occasionally leads to Stock Photography sales.

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Vickie brings her view to Studio 66 wedding photography!


Being a boutique studio means that to us you are not just another bride, you bring your own set of ideas and that means a lot to Vickie, co-owner of Studio 66. The two are also the photographers you will have on your Wedding Day, so you don’t have to worry about getting a “team” you haven’t met. Vickie will help you work out your timeline for the day, photograph your Engagement Session and help you finalize the photos that you choose for your Wedding Album. However, with this kind of value it means these two are in demand and could even already be booked on your Wedding Day so don't hesitate to call.

After your wedding we head straight to our computers to download our files, we back them up and begin toning right away. We pledge to get them toned and print ready and placed in your online gallery in 2-3 weeks, says Vickie. Furthermore, read our reviews, seriously! Actual brides and grooms talk about their own photography experiences with us. We receive either hand-written postmarked cards or love notes written as online reviews on our Knot profiles or website!

With Studio 66 you can expect:

  • Free day-of coordination
  • Trendy photography styles
  • Responsible Digital backups
  • Personal attention, and flexible service styled to you
  • Stylish metal, traditional and canvas prints
  • Save the dates
  • In-house album design
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Single-point perspectives in Architectural Photography


Starting out in Photojournalism/storytelling at daily newspapers, Mark’s interest eventually turned toward a focus on studio lighting and location 4x5 camera work. Having assisted several commercial photographers in the Cincinnati area he created his commercial photography business to serve national and local clients. 

Mark has over 20 combined years of Architectural, Corporate and News photography experience in both film and digital spaces. He stays parallel to the craft by keeping up on the curving trends and digital techniques. Paired with an appetite for new experiences and new personal projects, he's already on the next photographic adventure. 

I'm eager to speak with you about your Architectural and Corporate Photography project, says Mark. We’re different in that we don’t reflect a "single point perspective," "my way or the highway" type relationship. I actually refuse to have my own photography style. I let the intentions of your project show through my photography so it's not proper for me to make it about me. 

That's not to say I don't have ideas, or additional options to put on the table; After all, I’m the visitor in your space you are trusting to get it right in a still photo. I do want to help you win the architectural awards you seek, or help you project the corporate internet identity you are after. With me it's about the "Extras" and the "aboves & beyonds" I will bring to the photo shoot beyond what’s expected.



Shopping for a wedding photographer?


Your wedding photography is an investment that you will be proud of, and the images will pass through generations of your family. Your wedding is unique, beautiful and Studio 66 is stylish, exclusive and created for you!   

Studio 66 is where the memories of your journey will never fade.

Most people agree that the number one most important item to do right in your wedding is to choose the right vendors. Not necessarily the most expensive, and not just because your friend used that vendor. Choose the one that is specifically right for you, which means that when booking you will want to spend a little time with each vendor in their office or at the least on the phone to get to know them.

The wedding photographer you choose is probably the most important choice you will make, other than the venue. The photographer will help you coordinate so many of the activities that you will be involved in during the day, and the photographs will be one of the only things you get to take home after the wedding, besides your new spouse, of course!

Shopping for a wedding photographer? Your wedding photography is an investment that you will be proud of and will pass through generations. Studio 66 is where the memories of your journey will never fade!