Advarra | Baltimore

Video of planes coming in for a landing at the airport while waiting on the architects plane.

Few things are more interesting to me than working in another city, in a new environment, and in a building that I've never been in before. Sometimes I have seen the inside via a Rendering, Floor Plan or Reflected Ceiling Plan, but sometimes I just have to direct my photography by instinct.
In this case I was fortunate enough to be working with the architect herself, who was able to provide me with her design considerations and thoughts about what to show. Also I was to photograph some of the architectural ceilings for CertainTeed
The company we visited is Advarra, located in Baltimore, MD, and I had one day allocated for the shoot as I had to head up to Connecticut the following day. It all started when I picked up the Architect, Dara the evening before at Washington Dulles International Airport...