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boat of trash on the ohio river


October 27, 2023  |  Aerial Photography, Studio 66

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph an amazing group of people, based out of Moline, Illinois on the Mississippi River. It gave me a chance to tap into my roots of Photojournalism, and as an avid canoe camper on smaller rivers, this assignment was after my own heart. Their business is unconventional to most of us, spending up to nine months a year living and traveling on a barge, this crew seeks corporate entities willing to do river cleanups, watershed conservation initiatives, workshops, tree plantings and other key conservation efforts with them.  This groups name is Living Lands and Waters, founded by Chad Pregracke in 1998, and this time they worked with 100 P&G employees willing to spend the day getting dirty, picking up trash and executing guardianship of the Ohio River. As you go through the photos you will see just what 2 hours of cleanup across just about a mile of shoreline can achieve, can you imagine how much trash is on all the shorelines?  Kudos to a great group of people who have

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Aerial Video capturing Landscape Architecture

Aerial Landscape Photography

Studio 66 Photography will make it easy for you to show off your Residential & Commercial Architectural products and designs inside or out!  Studio 66 recently completed an assignment including Video & Still Photos of Residential landscape Architecture by Werbrich's Landscaping in Ohio. Mark used a DJI Mavic 2 Pro Aerial Drone Video, which has a Hasselblad camera mounted on the front. The hard part is getting

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interior commercial office space photography

Advarra | Baltimore

Few things are more interesting than working in another city, in a new environment or building that I've never been in before

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photo of boat
Photo of boat in a river
Photo of boat on a river
Flying through a store with a drone

Aerial | Photography

April 17, 2021  |  Aerial Photography, Drone Video, Studio 66

As Aerial Photography becomes more in demand, we help companies brand themselves through our DRONE videos.

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Inside the LookBook you will find many gorgeously designed commercial ceilings

Architectural | LookBook

WE'VE BEEN BUSY... We are over the top excited to share we have made a nice splash in the latest CertainTeed Architectural LookBook, after a year of design and planning by the Marketing team! Many beautiful Architectural installations over the last couple of years have yielded so much variety and Studio 66 is genuinely happy to have played a

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