Naming the "Tag"

February 9, 2014  |  Studio 66
Studio 66 Photography

So, you've heard some of them all your life: FedEx has "The world on time" Ford has "Quality is job one" Outback's is "No rules, Just right," catchy, huh? Well just try to come up with one! That's what Vickie, and I were trying to do for the last 6 weeks since we met with our Web design team, Melissa and Brandon! And, we are sitting there with them trying to think of one ...asked our friends ... asked some more people then bounced a few of more off Melissa, but they didn't have the ring, the fluidity or the depth of meaning that we so yearned for!

We kept putting the same words together in different orders, adding words and you wouldn't believe how hard something like this is to do, until you do it! Thank God, Melissa was so determined that we use any word that describe our sentiment, so we came up with "Journey." Vickie was all about "Memories" and how do we get that in.

Now, I'm not a digital junkie, I started off my career shaking film in a can in the darkroom (like a lot of my friends did) but I do respect the fact that digital media never does fade, and I like to tie that in with the fact that we feel like we have a duty to remember what we've passed through either on the highway or in life itself! Vickie and I do it through photos, whether from a gorgeous wedding or baby shoot, or passing through those quiet miles of State Routes and capturing the past on film.

But, regardless where you get the inspiration make sure it shines through your tagline, and remember that Studio 66 is: Where the memories of your journey never fade!!